TruDenta® Treatment Costs



The cost to treat migraine pain and chronic headaches with TruDenta’s unique non-invasive system is determined based around each individual diagnosis and treatment plan. Treatment costs typically range between hundreds and thousands of dollars but as a practice specializing in TruDenta pain relief, we offer several options to flexibly finance and provide headache and migraine relief that is affordable.

Payment options may include:

  • Payment in full discounts
  • We accept most major credit cards
  • Flexible financing and payment plans
  • Payment arrangements that work with your Flex Plan needs


As an official TruDenta trained practice, our staff will file all of your insurance claim forms. We will also include any essential letters from our specially trained headache doctor explaining the plan for treatment and care. Forms include the specific medical coding that correspond to comprehensive assessment, evaluation, management and any office procedures. As the trudenta-sealpatient, we ask that you be responsible to follow up directly with your insurance company should benefits be denied.


Call our office in Charlotte, North Carolina, to determine if TruDenta is right for you. Schedule your free consultation today!


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