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ChronicMigraine-1Finding and Treating the Underlying Cause

  • Bite Force Analysis — this TruDenta technology is able to analyze and display the different forces at play in your mouth and jaw, right down to how much pressure is exerted by each individual tooth.
  • Range of Motion Analysis — TruDenta’s ROM system measures any abnormal or restricted movement in your head and neck in order to narrow down potential causes and create a specialized treatment plan.


Headache & Migraine Management

  • Preventative medications attempt to prevent migraines and headaches before they start — typically beta blockers, anti-seizure medication, or antihistamines
  • These medications only work for about 40% of the people who take them, and even then only reduce the frequency of episodes by an average of 50%


Trying To Stop A Migraine

  • During a headache or migraine attack, the most effective drugs to temporarily treat symptoms are pain relievers or triptans
  • It is recommended that medications to treat head pain be limited to no more than twice a week in order to prevent side effects and reduce the likelihood of causing recurring medication overuse headaches


TruDenta Treatment System

  • TruDenta’s different technologies work together to reduce pain and inflammation from the very first session, with the end goal of creating a complete and lasting resolution of symptoms
  • No injections and no medications means no unpleasant side effects
  • The whole-body approach combines state of the art ultrasound, cold laser, microcurrent, and trigger point manipulation techniques


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