North Carolina Headache Center FAQs


Why seek a dentist to treat head pain?

Research reveals that chronic tension headaches, migraines and other head pain is likely related. The cause may be a result of stressed and unbalanced bite forces greatly affecting muscles in these areas. Nerve and chemical imbalances that cause chronic pain occur as a result of this uneven dynamic. Our headache and migraine doctor uses clinically proven TruDenta therapy with its origins in sports medicine to measure, evaluate, treat, and resolve your headache pain.

What is TruDenta?

TruDenta provides effective, drug free pain relief without needles providing sustained migraine pain relief. The therapeutic treatments can be life changing and are proven effective in patients who suffer from a range symptoms linked with chronic headaches.  TruDenta allows you to finally address debilitating migraines and temporomandibular disorders, commonly known as TMJ.

What should I expect from a TruDenta exam?

With a few select easy, painless tests, your headache doctor can determine what is causing your headache symptoms. TruDenta uses computerized measurement of your mouth’s force balance across each tooth.  We also measure your muscle and mouth movements and any impairment.

TruDenta-logo-170The remainder of your examination assists your dentist in pinpointing other related areas of your muscle health, tooth and oral issues, along with other potential problem areas that should be addressed during your treatment.

How is the TruDenta questionnaire used?trudenta-seal

Our head health history form provides a place to share in detail your primary concerns and symptoms with your headache doctor. The information provided will detail your dental history, head pain symptoms, and seek to identify any other possible causes of your head pain.  An in depth overview of your dental, head and neck health history creates a platform for successfully helping to relieve your chronic head pain symptoms.

What should I expect with TruDenta System treatment?

Our innovative therapy program revolves around in-office treatment established on a personalized program designed for you.  Treatments may include ultrasound technology, gentle light therapy, electrical stimulation, and muscle manipulation.  Patients are also prescribed a specific home-based continuing care program with exercises assigned between treatments.  A special orthotic may also be worn for a short period of time to provide control over your pain relief for a brief period during your treatment time.

How much does TruDenta treatment cost?

The cost of TruDenta treatment will depend on the assessment of your individual needs established through your initial consultation. While treatment cost can range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars, we offer a range of flexible financing options to make your headache and migraine relief treatment is affordable. Please find more information on treatment costs, or contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

Is TruDenta treatment covered by insurance?

In some cases, your TruDenta migraine relief therapy may be covered by insurance! Please visit our costs page for more information, or contact our office to schedule your free consultation.  Our team can explain your insurance coverage and policy based on your carrier in addition to any financing options related to your care.

Will TruDenta® work for me?

We employ the TruDenta approach to provide headache and migraine pain relief by correcting the nerve and imbalanced muscle foundation of the head and neck without invasive procedures. Compared to other common treatments which require a visit to your physician’s office or pharmacy, the TruDenta System additionally provides patients with the ability to take control through an at-home care kit to extend treatment beyond our office therapy. Only TruDenta dentists use this unique combination of assessment technology and education that often leads to immediate symptom resolution for patients.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our North Carolina headache doctor to determine if this treatment approach is right for you!


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